Jürgen Klopp receives the first shirt jacket

SHIRT jacket - for an appearance in the stadium or at events in an assured style

Frankfurt, Germany, August 2016 - A true fan will want to wear the shirt of his favourite club everywhere. Of course, there are limits regarding the dress code - for example in the office, at festive events or in the club lounge. Now, the shirt jacket is the right solution for you. In a jacket of your choice, the shirt of your club will be sewn in as an inner lining. At the request of the customer, name and number are included. The result is a modern fan jacket, a unique specimen. - Liverpool FC's manager Jürgen Klopp is one of the first customers of the start-up enterprise Stephan Görner & Sven Müller GbR.

Blue on the outside, red on the inside

Fans of the German football club Eintracht Frankfurt are already queuing up. “We also have several orders from fans of Borussia Dortmund”, the head of the company, Stephan Görner, is happy to say. The bespoke tailor based in the metropolis by the river Main could not help thinking for a long time on how to appear in an assured style in the VIP lounge at home games in the club’s shirt. He then hit on the idea of the fan jackets, grabbed the marketing and PR expert Sven Müller and together they created three models of jackets of the highest quality. A good network of contacts with famous athletes helped the business partners to communicate the extraordinary concept in German and international clubs. Now, the first orders are wrapped up - and not only for football fans. “We manage all kinds of sports - starting with team handball to ice hockey and American Football”, says Sven Müller. With his friend Jürgen Klopp, the former football player from both Eintracht Frankfurt and FSV Frankfurt, found his first VIP customer. “Kloppo” will receive the “Champion” model in blue, of course with the red home game shirt of Liverpool as the inner lining and Normal 1 on the back.

The finest cloth, stitched lapels

With regard to the clientèle, the start-up enterprise is flexible: they serve all ages. For the quality of the jacket, however, no compromise is made: The models “Three friends”, “Classico” and “Champion” are distinguished by sustainable workmanship, precious woollen fabrics and the finest S-110 cloth from Reda, the Italian traditional brand. Details of the highest quality standards such as stitched lapels and buttons made of real horn meet the highest quality standards. The costs for the shirt jackets are between EUR 299 and EUR 449.
For an additional charge of EUR 10, the embroidering of monograms or personal names is also possible. Shirt jackets for female fans are also available. On request, you can get individual advice in the showroom of the bespoke tailor Görner’s shop in Frankfurt.

The ordering process takes place online.

The ordering process is done via the internet. At www.trikot-jackett.de, customers complete the contact form, choose the desired jacket and indicate their clothing size. For this, customers will find easy-to-understand instructions on the homepage on how to take their clothing measurements. Then the favourite shirt is sent by mail to Stephan Görner, Gärtnerweg 31, 60322 Frankfurt/M., Germany. It may also be delivered directly by the online retailer 11Teamsports with the number and the individual name. After four to six weeks, you will receive your very personal fan shirt jacket.

Uli Stein

Mark Keller

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